Sunday, 25 August 2013

Monday 26th of August 2013 - Dinners, Zone Conference, Arash and Pants

What an awesome week it has been, just finished our 2nd week of transfers! Had 3 dinner appoinments with 3 familes in our little Footscray ward, broke our last record of 2 dinner appoinments in 1 week haha, my companion and I smashed a couple of Costco pizzas on Thursday night with the Wilkes family, the slices were humungus! I only had 4 and I was done, my companion managed to put down 3, we were toast after that. Was pretty funny walking up hill to catch the bus home with our stomachs full of American pizza. Definitely a memorable night.
On Friday, we woke up nice and early at 5:30am just to get ready and catch the 6:54 bus down to our local Yarraville train station, we hopped on a couple of trains and finally reached our intended destination which was the Heidelberg Stake Centre in Fairfield. There we waited patiently and reverently for our beloved mission president and his wife President and Sister Maxwell to commence our Zone Conference which was combined with the Craigieburn Zone. We received so much rich teachings, inspirations and trainings from our Mission President, his wife, the APs and our Zone Leaders Elder Smith, Elder Glover, Elder Su'a and Elder Faavae. What made this experience even more rewarding was the chance to reuinite with my fellow missionaries from the 14th of February 2013 MTC intake! Did a little catch up and wished each other luck in our various areas.
On Saturday we were called into the area of Flemington by a Sudanese family called the Duts who wanted to share some lunch with us, since we arrived 30 minutes early to the appoinment and there was no one around we thought we could do a bit of sight seeing before we headed in, so as we were walking under the Flemington bridge I noticed some graffitti on the foundation of the bridge and what do you know, somone from my area back in New Zealand decided to tag "Henderson West AUX" on it. Hendo allday everyday! haha.
What topped off this amazing week was when our good friend Arash from Iran decided to enter the waters of baptism. After teaching him and following up on the previous date extended by Elder Lubrido and Elder Pipers he believed it was time to start anew. He has given up so much just to follow in his beliefs as a Christian, when the bapstim was performed by my companion Elder Nyanhamo and as Arash arose from the water he stretched forth his hands in the air and yelled "YES!" haha, then he proceeded to give Elder Nyanhamo a big hug, the spirit was felt so strongly and each of them embraced each other and brothers in the Gospel, I was priviliged to speak at Arash's baptism on Faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance, my companion finished it off with his talk on Baptism and the Holy Ghost. After the service finished our bishop, Bishop Steed welcomed him into the Footscray family, he was so excited that when we got home he rang us and said "I am so happy!" He is proud to now be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Unfortunately when I arrived home, my companion informed me that the holes in my pants were no longer sewable haha!, these past few weeks I have been using my imagination and wearing my black basketball shorts underneath my tracting pants so that no one could see the holes, but after constantly jumping on and off the bikes the holes just kept getting bigger and bigger until they were past the point of no return. Luckily I had a spare pair of pants handy which were a bit smaller but nonetheless they did the job! haha. Mission life is the best! So many spiritual, hilarious, uptlifting, funny and inpspiring experiences, wouldn't give this up for anything!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Tuesday 13th August 2013 - Goodbyes and Hellos

Sadly my 4th transfer on the mission field had come to an end, was priviliged to have sung in a missionary choir consisting of many Elders and Sisters that had amazing voices at the Heidelberg Stake Missionary Fireside, one that was aimed at inspiring the future generations of the church about serving missions and the blessings that would come from it. Our beloved mission president's wife Sister Maxwell led our choir with precision and exactness, extracting the full potential of all of our different voices and blending them all into one. We had Lagi Setu (previous Melbourne Storms NRL player) as a guest speaker, I could see straightaway all the boys in the congregation start to change their views about their rugby league careers and lean towards their missions, I believe that we achieved our goal! Straight after the fireside it was good to catch up with one of my fellow Elders from the Cragieburn Zone Elder Tuhoro! He is still soldiering on there haha the man! Was such a spiritually uplifting and inspiring night.
 Unfortunately the 3 amigos have been dispanded haha Elder Lubrido (left) has been transferred to the bush in the Shepparton Branch, Elder Pipers (middle) has been transferred to the Caulfield Ward which is still in the same district! and Elder Nyanhamo (right) is staying with me in Footscray, we will miss all the memories, laughs and crashing our bikes haha, defintely have made another two brothers for life! Go hard in your new areas boys.
(from left to right) Elder Williams, Elder Dollery, Elder Gines and Elder Woodruff. Elder Dollery and Elder Gines are the new 'greenies' in our district. Funny story though when Elder Dollery walked in I immediately thought to myself "I seen this guy before" so we started chatting away and somehow our conversation led to the  January 2010 Canberra E.F.Y and it turns out we were both in the same troop! haha small world I tell yah. Good to be serving alongside him in the mighty Australia Melbourne Mission! Such an exciting time to be serving! Caulfield District represent!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Saturday 10th of August 2013 - The Leha Family

After a wonderful 4th transfer with my companion Elder Nyanhamo (from Zimbabwe), we were privileged to witness on the last Saturday of the transfer the baptism of Rebecca Leha by her husband Filimone Leha, a big congratulations to their awesome family and for our fellow Footscray missionaries Elder Lubrido (from Phillipines) and Elder Pipers (from Sunshine Coast) for being there for them every step of the way on their journey towards the waters of baptism, it was so moving to see Filimone's father confer the Aaronic Priesthood upon him before baptizing his wife and then conferring Rebecca with the gift of the Holy Ghost just after, such a spiritually refreshing experience watching miracles performed in other individuals lives right before my eyes, would not give this up for anything! The baptismal service ended well with our bishop, Bishop Steed welcoming the family into the Footscray Ward. It is saddening though to see our fellow brethren Elder Lubrido and Elder Pipers leaving us this transfer, looks like me and Elder Nyanhamo will be soldiering on here in Footscray for another 6 weeks, can't wait to get back to it! I love this work.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Friday 9th August 2013


Finally the time has come.......for me to start a blog haha, this is solely just to keep all my family and friends updated on how I am venturing out here in the awesome Australia Melbourne Mission! a.k.a The Mighty A.M.M! So stay in tune folks for updates, pictures and possibly some videos on my journey out here in the mission field. Much Love

Elder Apulu