Sunday, 2 February 2014

Monday 3rd February 2014 - Farewells and Greetings

Lemalu Family
Yes even though there were smiles this past week is was saddening to leave such an amazing area again, as a missionary in each area you are sent to by your Heavenly Father you build life-long friends and families as you serve them. It has been a very memorable 3 transfers in the area of Hallam Ward, Narre Warren Stake. The Lemalu family has always given everything to the missionaries I will miss them.
Elder Hartley, Elder Apulu, Elder Morgan and Elder Lammi (Hallam Flat Spartans) haha
Yes I will also miss these muppets haha, was awesome to have spent a transfer with these boys, so much fun, so much laughs, so much wrestling and so much moments where none of us really cared haha. Good times with the Narre Warren Elders, a transfer that will be hard to forget, I know that they will do well. Till next time brothers.
The boys
Bring it! haha, so good to see Vagia (2nd from the left) prepare to go and serve in the Australia Brisbane Mission! One of the many perpspective missionaries in the Hallam Ward. Suma (2nd from the right) the RM from the New Zealand Auckland Mission, will miss him and his wise words of council. 
One Last Time
From the left: Elder Lubrido and Elder Mcmurray. Our fellow Hallam Ward Elders, was awesome to spend one last Sunday with Elder Lubrido before he departed back to the Phillipines, his laugh is infectious as much as his personality, sad to see him leave but happy to know that his family will embrace him as a honourable, full-time returned missionary. One Elder that will be missed.
Last Goodbye
So grateful for the chance that I have had to meet with this guy named Patai. Teaching him about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a lesson that I will never ever forget! Tears were shed as this Spirit was felt so strongly as he offered the closing prayer to our lesson. I know I will I meet him again someday, maybe next time as a member of the Hallam Ward :)
Back to Brisbane
A big farewell to our Assistant Elder Faavae, he has been an awesome example to all of us here in the Australia Melbourne Mission, many of us have learnt a couple of lessons here and there about missionary from him, I know that he is going to do well when he returns! RWH Elder.
New Zone!
And so another new start in the beloved area of Wyndham! As you can see we have a pretty gangster zone here, was good to catch up with familiar faces at very 1st zone meeting for the transfer, we have amazing zone leaders Elder Afele and Elder Fale with district leaders that are doing very well. I am proud to be a new member of the Wyndham Zone! Churr
New Companion
Just the norms to start off a transfer in a hummer-limo, loving the Point Cook area already haha, me and my new companion Elder Pipers were priviled to have witnessed the marriage of the Ta'ala family, they looked stunning together as couple with their 3 boys. Congratulations to them.
The wedding cake
What a touching moment it was to have seen brother and sister Ta'ala tie the knot. To know of all the struggles and hardships that they experienced to get to where they are today it was a special experience for all that were there, so good to see them all at church as well. Such a wonderful family!
The Langham
To finish off their special day me and my fellow Point Cook missionaries were shouted to a buffet lunch at the Langham Hotel, I felt like I wasn't in Melbourne anymore haha, so much blessings already here on my 1st week here in Point Cook, so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to meet such loving families and individuals here in the Australia Melbourne Mission. So many experiences, I love being a missionary!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Monday 6th January 2014 - Service, Christmas Conference, New Years Resolutions and Happy Birthdays

Elder Morgan and I (Service at the O'Keiths)
Started off this transfer with a bang! 1st up, as you can see I have acquired a new companion.....Elder Morgan! and he is a ratbag! hahahaha jokes, have learnt prime attributes off this fulla already, an awesome district leader! Always willing to help out the boys whenever we need it. Hopefully we both get to stay another transfer in the amazing Hallam area of the Narre Warren Zone!

After a hard days work hehe
For our 1st week of the transfer, kicked things off with a Zone Service at the O'Keiths farm. Drove around the whole farm picking up loose sticks and branches and piling them up to prep a massive bonfire which unfortunately we didn't get to see but alas was awesome to have finished the job.

Learning how to fire a rifle with the boys
Straight after the service Brother O'Keith couldn't help but show us his toys, it was pretty mean to actually hold one of those bad boys, don't worry none of them were loaded so we just scoped out some nearby houses aha.

Scoping out some wild cows haha
Just like to good old days playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Black Ops. Probably the closest I will ever get to handling a real gun haha. Trying to look like a professional dude.

A.M.M Christmas Conference 2013 (1)
Some of our Maori missionaries starting from the back: Elder Petersen from Whakatane, Elder Stone from Whangaruru and Elder Munroe from Brisbane.

A.M.M Christmas Conference 2013 (2)
Our Samoan and Tongan Elders from the left going around: Elder Matu'u-Samoa, Elder Vakalahi-Tonga, Elder Li'o-Samoa, Elder Ashley-???, Elder Fale-Sydney, Elder Ataata-Tonga, Elder Nuku-Tonga, Elder Huakau-Tonga and Elder Faletoese-Samoa.

A.M.M Christmas Conference 2013 (3)
From the left going around: Elder Maifala-American Samoa, Elder Agavale-Samoa, Elder Siaosi-Samoa, Elder Tauti-Samoa, Elder Talaipa-Samoa, Elder Su'a-Samoa and Elder Seve-Samoa.

A.M.M Christmas Conference 2013 (4)
From the left going around: Elder Lambe-England, Elder Asher-Sydney, Sister Lisati-New Zealand, Sister Komiti-Samoa, Elder Howard-Brisbane, Elder Anitema-Brisbane, Elder Faatau-Brisbane and Elder Faavae-Brisbane.

A.M.M Christmas Conference 2013 (5)
From the left going around: Elder Nonu-Sydney, Elder Morgan-Perth, Elder Napa-Cook Islnads, Elder Ah-kuoi-Wellington, Elder Manu-Tonga, Sister Tauti-Otara, Sister Kaufusi-Sydney, Sister Hausia-Tonga and Elder Miller from New Zealand.

A.M.M Christmas Conference 2013 (6)
From the left going around: Elder Ngakuru-Hamilton, Elder Clark-Brisbane, Elder Malifa-Mt Roskill, Elder Sheward-North Harbour, Elder Pipers-Sunshine Coast, Elder Smith-Mt Roskill and Elder Day from Hamilton.

A.M.M Christmas Conference 2013 (7)
From the left to the right: Sister Leota from Mt Roskill, Elder Sasulu from Sydney, Me, Elder Falesi'i from Otara and Sister Salanoa from Sydney.

Last Mission Christmas with Elder Taufa
It was good to catch up with one of the boys from Sydney, Elder Taufa, he is one of the departing missionaries this transfer, time literally flys by as you see many of your fellow brothers finish their 2 years of service, it has been an honor my friend, I will definitely see you in Sydney mate!

The Hallam Elders!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Elder Lubrido, Elder Mcmurray, Elder Morgan and Elder Apulu! What a transfer it has been to end this year with a bang and to start off this year with these boys, every day we have different stories to tell whether it ones of rejection or ones of just straight laughter it has been a very very fun transfer. Will miss these boys when I leave.

A Thousand Steps
So to start off this new year with our 1st p'day we decided as a district to tackle The Thousand Steps in the Ferntree Gully area. What a walk it was! Already puffed out after like 200 haha. It was awesome to have walked it with our district, as you can see my 2 trainers Elder Waapu-George and Elder Morgan were there to push me to my limits. Was a good experience. I look forward to doing it again someday.

The Birthday Boy
Last week my companion Elder Morgan celebrated his 23rd birthday here on the mission field. He wanted to keep it on the down low but that would be impossible if you were my companion haha. So I endeavoured to organise a suprise birthday wish and cake for him with a very huge thanks to the Talataina family who set it up perfectly. It was a funny night, he had no idea what was going on until he walked into their home and they presented him with his cake. The reaction was priceless. A birthday to remember.

NZ Package!
Biggest love to my sister in New Zealand for sending me a package last week! Everything in it was what I have been waiting for ever since I started my mission haha, we have a bottle of the best tomato sauce in the world "Watties" brand, we have some Cookie Time and 3 blocks of the original Whittakers brand chocolate "Hokey Pokey", "Macadamia", and the new "L&P" Block. Sadly what you see here has already been demolished by my fellow companions and I haha. Thanks heaps sis! Appreciate it.