Sunday, 1 December 2013

Monday 2nd December 2013 - Study, Narre Warren, Brothers and Sunday Feeds

Study Time
Kicked off this past week with a couple of study sessions from the Book of Mormon, always love reading of the many stories contained within this book especially about the 2000 stripling warriors! and also of the many missionaries who preached the gospel during that time. As a missionary I am always grateful for the time that we have to study each day about The Book of Mormon to learn more about the gospel but more so to help our friends and our investigators gain a testimony of its divinity.

Narre Warren Zone!
We also had our zone meeting on Wednesday! It was good to catch up with the fellow missionaries within our zone and receive some spiritual nourishment from our beloved Zone Leaders Elder Asher and Elder Evans, we are sad to be seeing Elder Evans leave as it is his last transfer here in the Australia Melbourne Mission, it has been awesome to have known him, we wish him all the best in his future endeavours! 

Elder Apulu and Elder Mitchell (Kings of Hallam)
Well you know it! haha. The Kings of Hallam are here, this transfer has been awesome with my fellow companion Elder Mitchell! He reigns from the same land from which we sailed from.....Auckland New Zealand but is from the North Shore. We worked it out and yes we basically live 20 minutes away from each other! Going to be good to catch up when we finish our missions. Hopefully we get to stay another transfer together in the amazing Hallam Ward. So much memories I will never forget.

Another Lemalu Sunday Feed
Yesterday once again, Elder Lubrido, Elder Mcmurray, Elder Mitchell and I were smashed with the feast of death at the Lemalu family home. As you can see we had 2 trays of taro for the Poly missionaries and some cabonara pasta for the Palagi missionaries haha, then we some delicious fried chicken thighs and chicken wings! I have to say every time Sister Lemalu cooks, you cannot stop at 1 plate of food, well I guess that's just me! haha. Sundays are total bliss here in the Hallam Ward!

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