Sunday, 24 November 2013

Monday 25th of November 2013 - Quick Update

Sons of Helaman Coin (Front)
So I thought I might give a quick update on what has been transpiring these past couple of weeks here in the beloved area of Hallam. I received in a package 2 coins, 1 gold and 1 silver that I ordered online from Point Emblems. They look meeeeaaaaan! I thought I might grab them just to keep as memorials and reminders of where I come from and what I am doing here out in the mission field.
Sons of Helaman Coin (Back)
Armor of God Coin (Front)
Armor of God Coin (Back)
Sunday feed at the Lemalus
On our missionary meal roster, every Sunday is crossed out by the Lemalu family so every single Sunday without fail my companion Elder Mitchell and I are very blessed to have the Lemalu family provide us with a huge feast.....literally haha. They cook the best Polynesian food that I have ever tasted! Besides my mothers hehe. 
Yet another Sunday feed at the Lemalus
As you can see we are well taken care of here in the Hallam Ward within regards to food haha. 
Sioli Family
It was awesome to catch up with the Sioli family! Mos, Mata and their 3 beautiful girls. Family friends that moved to Melbourne from Sydney not long ago. They provided us with a wonderful dinner and desert. Such a small world we have here!
Elder Mitchell getting lined up at the Phresh Barbershop
Last Monday we went down the Phresh. The best barbers in the world! haha. It is run by the Fifita family who are members from the Melton Ward. Us missionaries are lucky because they all line us up for free! So much blessings. Grateful for everyone's service to us boys.
Reyes Family Dinner
Every Sunday night as well we are invited to attend a family home evening at one of our Phillipino families in the ward, there are 4 families, so every Sunday night we have a Phillipino feast! So yeah basically they destroy your stomachs in this area haha.

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