Sunday, 1 September 2013

Monday 2nd September 2013 - Rainbows, Family, White Shirts and Ties

And the 3rd week of my 5th transfer has come to an end, has been very interesting this past week, on Friday we had to the privilege of journeying into the city of Melbourne to drop off a Persian Book of Mormon to our Zone Leaders Elder Smith and Elder Glover, luckily we had 1 left over from teaching our Persian investigator Arash, so as we made the journey back from the drop off we jumped off at North Melbourne Station only to see a massive rainbow directly above us, we could not let this opportuniy pass us by so me and my companion captured our pots of gold.
I was also priviliged to catch up with my Fitisemanu Family here in Melbourne, was soooooooo good to be around cuzzy Nick, his wife Vanessa, son Remi, daughter Esme and brother Andrew, the last time I got to see them was about 10 years ago! When I was a little snot nosed kid haha. Time literally flys these days, they prepared a huge feed for me and my companion, a good old Fitisemanu barbeque! hehe, will definitely be catching up again with them soon.
To finish off a wonderful week, me and my companion were indeed blessed to witness the confirmation of our recent convert Arash by our beloved Bishop, the Spirit was felt in abundance after the blessing as he arose from his chair and shook all of our hands, what was also speical that sabbath morning was that Arash had not worn a white shirt and tie before so our bishop beforehand guessed his size and brought along one of his spare ties, me and my companion quickly rushed into one of the classrooms in the chapel and helped him get dressed into his new sabbath attire, once he was dressed he was so happy and we knew straight away how he was feeling, he  also promised us that he was going to wear that shirt and tie every sunday! He is the man! Going to miss him when I leave this area. Good times.

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