Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday 16th September 2013 - Mission Conference

This past week was awesome! The whole Australia Melbourne Mission (except those serving in Tasmania) gathered together to receive wise words of council and love from one of our beloved general authorities Elder Pearson, he was accompanied by his wife and President and Sister Maxwell. When they entered the Heidelberg Stake Centre in Fairfield, Elder Pearson requested that all missionaries present shake his and his wife's hand, just so they could get the chance to greet everyone personally, what an experience that was! As I shook Elder Pearson's hand he looked straight into my eyes and said "Elder Apulu, How are you?"  I just smiled and told him that I am well and loving this work! so spiritually uplifting as a missionary to speak to a general authority face to face. Another exiting thing about mission conferences is that you get to meet up with all your fellow missionaries that you have served around. I was privileged to walk out of the stake centre and grab a picture with my trainer Elder Mcphee, his 1st son Elder Miller and his 3rd son Elder Haenga, yes I am the 2nd son haha mean heritage photo.
My companion and I were blessed again to have been given a lift by our fellow Fairfield missionaries Elder Napa and Elder Wilson, after the conference we headed back to their flat with our fellow Elders in the Caulfield Area Elder Solomon and Elder Pipers. Then after receiving so much spiritual food for the day we proceeded to grab some physical food at the local KFC. A day to remember!


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