Sunday, 8 September 2013

Monday 9th September 2013 - Temple, Family Reunion and Costco

What a glorious week! Our zone was indeed blessed and priviliged to attend the Australia Melbourne Temple on Thursday. My companion and I arose at 5:00am (the earliest time I have risen on the mission field! haha earlier the better I guess) in the morning to make a trip out to our fellow missionaries in the Fairfield area Elder Napa and Elder Wilson who were our means of transportation to the temple. We enjoyed our spiritually uplifting day with them filled with jokes, laughs and Maccas.
So grateful to Brother and Sister Frew who took us to Costco to do a bit of shopping and shouted us lunch, as you can see everything you buy there is MASSIVE! Cannot believe I found two New Zealand products, some good old Griffin's bickies and the only number one, authentic corn beef in the entire world PALMS! haha, believe it or not all of this was polished in a matter of days.......not by me aha, we shared some with our Fairfield missionaries and gave the whole tray of muffins to our office staff. Looking forward to the next time we go there, straight up a missionary's dream shopping centre.
And to finish off this glorious week, I was honoured to have been reunited with my family here in Mlebourne, brought back memories of when I was little, time flys by too fast when your out here serving, cuzzy Nick shouted me and my companion to the all-you-can-eat buffet named the Kitchen Workshop in the Crown Hotel in the city, the food was DELICIOUS! really really tasty, enjoyed the company of friends and family. Going the miss them but alas this work must go forward. Loving the mission field! 

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